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June 11, 2021

Will interest rates rise – and at what pace?


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Economic data has been very strong over the month of May, but markets have been more muted after an already strong start to the year. The ongoing vaccine rollout is allowing many economies to gradually reopen, which in combination with sizeable fiscal support – particularly in the UK and US – is supporting a big bounce in economic activity. Nevertheless, markets have been somewhat constrained by concerns that upside data surprises may result in more persistent inflation, which could force central banks to bring about a premature end to the growth rebound.

Jeremy Batstone-Carr, who is part of the Raymond James European Strategy Team, explores the decisions that the European Central Bank (ECB) are likely to face, the impact of any inflationary pressures and whether interest rates will rise.

Here’s the link to the Investment Week story: Will interest rates rise – and at what pace?

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