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Investments are the cornerstone of any long-term financial plan, and at Brighton Capital Management you can be assured that our expert team of portfolio managers has your best interests at heart.

Our personalised investment management service creates bespoke asset portfolios to help clients strike the perfect balance of risk and reward – while taking into account other factors such as ethical concerns and tax implications.

Our mission is to ensure that your and your family’s wealth is not just protected, but has the best chance of growing – whatever the challenges in the wider investment landscape.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and their families to deliver the most appropriate investment, estate-planning and succession strategies and ensure the best financial outcomes.

Bespoke investment management

Our team of investment management professionals work with you to establish clear goals and requirements, creating portfolios with the perfect balance of risk and reward to protect and grow your capital over the long term.

Charity investing and active stewardship

Helping charities and their trustees effectively utilise resources and manage investments to generate income. We continually review each charity’s financial well-being and offer tailored support in order to control risk.

Working with clients of independent financial advisers

By taking advantage of our investment expertise, IFAs are free to focus on financial planning, managing client relationships and growing their business.

Ethical and socially responsible investment

Our portfolio management service can help you maximise investment returns without compromising your values in areas such as sustainability, corporate governance and social responsibility.

Why choose us?

Brighton Capital Management’s highly experienced team of investment managers and financial planners offer an expert, personalised and transparent service.

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