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Brighton Capital Management is a specialist wealth management firm providing bespoke investment and financial advice services to private individuals, families, professionals and institutional partners in Brighton, Sussex and the South of England.

Wealth management

Our comprehensive wealth management service has been created to help clients and their families plan their finances, and protect and grow their capital.


Our personalised investment management service creates bespoke asset portfolios to help clients strike the perfect balance of risk and reward to meet their long-term capital and income requirements.


Our unique advisory process involves working closely with clients to understand their current position, address their financial concerns and achieve their long-term goals.

Why choose us?

Brighton Capital Management’s highly experienced team of investment managers and financial planners offer an expert, personalised and transparent service.

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How we protect your assets

The security of our clients’ money is of utmost importance to us here at Brighton Capital Management.

Our Strategic Partners

We work closely with a carefully selected group of strategic partners, allowing us to leverage leading institutional technology and infrastructure on behalf of our clients.

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