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May 11, 2016

When sometimes ‘less is more’ – further enhancements to Investor Access Mobile Responsiveness


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In addition to our Personal Finance Portal clients of Brighton Capital Management also have access to our platform partner’s Investor Access website.

The Personal Finance Portal has been developed for those clients who wish greater on-line interaction to send secure messages to their wealth manager, review tasks and important documents, upload their own documents to the vault, set goals, track performance, edit their profile and monitor insights about their net worth plus revenue vs. expenditure.

At Brighton Capital Management we recognise that this high level of on-line functionality is over whelming for some clients, who think that sometimes ‘less is more’. Those clients that wish to simply view the total value of their investments and occasionally drill down to look at the holdings and possibly cash transactions – nothing fancy just neat, quick and easy to understand.

As a result we are please to announce a number of enhancements to the Raymond James Investor Access, especially in respect to mobile responsiveness:

Investor Access is now fully mobile responsive, providing investors with a clean, intuitive layout when visiting Raymond James Investor Access on the majority of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. We have this week introduced additional enhancements for investors to enjoy:

Client Summary Page

To give investors their most important information in the smallest view, the Client Summary now reflects Account Name and Value for all their accounts. Clients with one click can easily expand each account to see further details. In this view clients will also see‘ Contact Information’. The information in this section is handy as it reflects their Wealth Manager’s contact details, allowing the client with one click to either phone or email you.

Client Holdings Page

Similarly, the Client Holdings page now reflects the Name of the Holding and the Value and again, clients with one click can easily expand each holding to see further details.

Landscape view

Investor Access can now recognise when clients hold their device with a landscape view vs a portrait view, allowing additional fields of information to appear in the landscape view. Additional fields already appear on larger devices like ipads, but this change brings this element of enhanced mobile responsiveness to phones as well.

Investors are notified of our new mobile access capability when they login to Investor Access, with a link to instructions on how to easily download the shortcut to their device.

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements to Raymond James Investor Access.