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June 10, 2015

The boutique bites back: 10 of UK’s newest wealth firms


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More news comment from Citywire:

As regulatory hurdles continue to increase, there has been much scepticism over the fate of boutique wealth management companies, with a number of businesses forced to consolidate to counter the challenge.

In simple terms more regulation means more compliance, which naturally has a lot more financial burdens, especially for firms just starting out.

However, the new year has shown if wealth managers set their minds to the task at hand, they can find ways around the challenges and become their own bosses.

Certainly it is not an easy undertaking, but here are 10 firms who braved the current environment and went ahead with their own boutiques:

Brighton Capital Management are proud to be on the list – to access the full story, please read The boutique bites back: 10 of UK’s newest wealth firms and Regulation can’t stop wealth start-ups

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