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May 13, 2021

Returns from NS&I products


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At the end of 2020, NS&I slashed its interest rates across the board. The Income Bond reduced from a market-leading 1.16% to just 0.01%. The Direct Saver dropped from 1% to 0.15% and the Investment Account is down from 0.8% to just 0.01%.

Premium Bonds didn’t escape the onslaught either, with the odds on winning a prize reducing by 30%. The annual prize fund rate of 1% quoted on its website is a little misleading. Basing the pay-outs on ‘average luck’, if you have £50,000 invested in premium bonds, over 1 year, you may win roughly £450, which is 0.9% of the money you are investing. Of course, you might not win anything! Or win the jackpot!

With inflation at 0.70% and predicted to rise throughout the year – it’s clear to see how NS&I and cash savings are being eroded by inflation.

The table below illustrates this effect:

InvestmentInterestInflationNet Return*
NS&I Investment Account0.01%0.56%-0.55%
NS&I Direct Saver0.15%0.56%-0.41%
Bank Savings Account0.50%0.56%-0.06%
*Returns over the last 6 months, with average inflation being 0.56%
Source: Brighton Capital Management

It is possible to achieve ‘real’ returns above the rate of inflation, by only taking a small amount of investment risk. Please contact us for more information.

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