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May 20, 2021

Health & Wealth


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Our role as financial planners is to help clients Identify, Achieve, and Maintain their Desired Lifestyle.

When discussing lifestyle with our clients, a common theme is always health and fitness. 

There’s a clear link between health and wealth, and therefore lifestyle.

As the saying goes ‘the first wealth is health’.

If you’re looking to improve your health by exercising more, ‘The Zone’ suggests the following 5 step guide.

1 – Create a vision – where do you want your fitness to take you? What are your goals?  

2 – Exercise in the morning – Start the day right (and you’ll sleep better at night)

3 – Join a group – Accountability and fun (and you’ll work harder)

4 – Stick to old-school exercises – There’s a reason burpees have stood the test of time

5 – Do weights – The ‘after burn’ effect. The more lean muscle you create, the more efficient your body becomes at burning calories.

Souce: i-Wellbeing